Our Future

In 2018, Boulder Treasures launched an effort to support the housing needs of adults with IDD. Across Boulder County, an estimated 800 individuals with IDD live with family members aged 60 and above due to a scarcity of affordable, quality, and community-based housing.  This is clearly unsustainable. 

Through a collaboration with Boulder Housing Partners (BHP), the City of Boulder’s Housing Authority, we will be expanding the reach and capacity of our programs and services. BHP’s 30Pearl Affordable Housing Project is currently under construction and expects occupancy in early 2021.

30Pearl will include 20 units specifically allocated to adults with IDD as part of an Independent Living Community. Boulder Treasures will occupy a combination of retail, commercial and community spaces co-located with these apartments.  To download the BHP Fact Sheet, click HERE

We will operate a second social enterprise to support an expansion of our apprentice program plus provide community engagement services to support the residents’ connection with each other and the community.