Apprentice Program

Boulder Treasures was founded in 2013 by the parents of an adult daughter with developmental disabilities, who were frustrated by the difficulties their daughter and her peers experience in trying to secure employment. According to a recent national study regarding challenges facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD):

“While the majority of people with I/DD want to have a regular job in the community just like everyone else, the promise of integrated, community-based employment is not being met…85% of families reported that their adult family members with I/DD were not employed, either part-time or full-time….52% report that their family member with I/DD is unable to get the job training or other assistance they need to find and keep a job.”

Boulder Treasures operates an Apprenticeship Program for individuals with developmental disabilities that features paid on-the-job training and work experience in a real-world environment with the goal of eliminating many of the barriers this population confronts when seeking independent employment in our community. Our vision is to successfully place 25 or more apprentices annually into permanent employment.

Boulder Treasures operates Ramble on Pearl, a “boutique style” specialty store offering year-round access to name-brand active lifestyle and recreational clothing and accessories. Ramble on Pearl hosts our training program and is staffed by our apprentices who work up to 20 hours per week alongside the store’s retail staff and with the support of a skilled job coach. As they gain skills and independence, our apprentices will be assigned increasingly more challenging shifts, including evenings and weekends. In addition to acting as a home base for our training program, Ramble on Pearl showcases the employability of our apprentices to potential future employers who can witness their skills and work ethic first hand by visiting our store. Ramble on Pearl also enhances our customers’ awareness of the many contributions individuals with developmental disabilities can contribute to our communities.

Meet our first two apprentices, Kendra and Kate

Meet our first two apprentices, Kendra and Kate

Boulder Treasures’ work experience and job training program typically lasts three months, during which time our apprentices will be paid a full minimum wage. A CLS job coach coordinates the training program with Ramble on Pearl’s retail staff and ensures that apprentices are making regular progress toward career goals. Apprentices receive coaching and regular performance assessments throughout their participation in the program. And, once they have demonstrated a sufficient degree of independence and proficiency, CLS’s job coaches continue to support our apprentices as they seek employment in the competitive job market. Apprentices successfully complete our training program when they demonstrate mastery of job skills and a robust work ethic.

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